Call for Papers (APMAR 2020)

Aim and Scope

In the last decades, mixed and augmented Reality (MR/AR) have evolved and grown from being experimental / research technologies to now have serious impact and practical applications in the industry and society worldwide.

Asia-Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR) promotes the mixed reality research and collaborations in the Asian/Oceanic region. The aim of this workshop is to create opportunities for sharing and exchanging research results and practical experiences in this exciting field in an informal atmosphere.

We are soliciting for regular papers and posters/demos in the following sub-fields of MR/AR but not limited to:

● AI for MR/AR/XR
● Spatial and Projective MR/AR/XR
● Collaboration and Multi-user Management
● Computer Vision and Tracking
● Content Creation and Management
● Interaction, Interfaces and UX
● Display technologies - Glasses, Headset, Projection
● Ethical issues
● Ergonomics, Human factors and Perceptual Issues
● Haptic and Tactile interfaces
● Human Augmentations
● Mediated and Diminished Reality
● Omnidirectional, 360, Immersive Videos for XR
● Real-time Performance Issues
● Rendering Techniques
● Sensor Fusion
● Spatial audio for XR, Auditory Perception and Psychoacoustics
● System Architectures for XR, Distributed and Online systems
● Teleoperation and Telepresence
● Virtual Humans and Avatars
● Visualization Techniques for MR/AR/XR
● Applications and Collaboration Experiences

While brand new work is mostly welcome, we also would like to emphasize that one is encouraged to submit previously published work, on-going work, late breaking results, and work to be presented elsewhere. Such works will not be published externally through the workshop. This way, more updated and significant work can be shared and be reiterated.

Important Dates
Full Paper Submission (IEEE DL planned) Due: Jan 18 (23:59 AoE), 2020 Extended due: Jan 28 (23:59 AoE) Extended due: Feb 1 (23:59 AoE)
Poster and Demo Submission (IEEE DL planned) Due: Jan 18 (23:59 AoE), 2020 Extended due: Jan 28 (23:59 AoE) Extended due: Feb 1 (23:59 AoE)
Invited Presentation Submission (USB Proceedings only) Due: Feb 28 (23:59 AoE), 2020
Invited Poster and Demo Submission (USB Proceedings only) Due: Feb 28 (23:59 AoE), 2020

* Full papers require at least four pages.
* Demos are meant to require and occupy extended space (like table area).
* No. of posters and demos will be selected and based on available space assigned for the respective event.
* We encourage the community to submit work that involves asia-pacific collaboration for the full papers or invited presentations. A separate special session/panel may be organized around those work.

Contact: Program Chairs
Youngho Lee,
Liwei Chan,
Itaru Kitahara,